In 2052, Mike Abernathy and Gwen Little were testing a new spacecraft engine with hopes of advancing space travel. During the first run, a black hole was ripped open and threatened to destroy all civilization. They launched a desperate mission deep into space to close the black hole and save humanity but disappeared after successfully completing their mission. But that was nearly thirty years ago, and the memory of their deeds and sacrifice has nearly been forgotten.

Now, Courtney Balen, a young student at CalTech, has designed a new telescope capable of seeing new wonders deep in the outer reaches of space. With her telescope built, she aims it into space intending to solve the mystery of Mike and Gwen’s whereabouts and discovers new information that their ship might be found. A new mission, motivated by the prospect of political gain, is planned to search the depths of space.

Jackson Riley, son of famed astronaut Ben Riley and disgraced army rescue pilot, has been selected to command Intrepid, a new type of spacecraft designed solely for this mission. The intended course through space will take Jackson and his crew into the unknown as they travel through a wormhole and explore the other side of a new dimension. The hazards of the wormhole and what lies beyond are not the only threats they’ll face. A decade-old war in Europe casts a large shadow over the world and threatens to extend into space. A change in Jackson’s mission pits him and his team in a confrontation against adversaries he doesn’t want to face.

Once on the other side of the wormhole, the crew of Intrepid race to stay a step ahead of one disaster after another. Time fights against them at every turn, but what they learn will shock them as they realize that Earth was never really saved and the fate of the entire human race still hangs in the balance. The only possibility to change the future is for the crew of Intrepid to risk a death-defying maneuver around the Sun, navigate through the dangers lurking within the wormhole, and risk individual sacrifice for the salvation of every life on Earth.