Crashed on an alien moon, Mike and Gwen must find a way to survive with only the dwindling supplies they brought with them. Forced to flee the wreckage of their crashed ship, they head towards an unknown structure in the far distance that they hope will provide them long-term sustainability.

As they explore and begin to feel at home, they come face-to-face with a vicious creature that chases them across the moon’s surface. While they continue their search for knowledge, they are left with more questions than answers.

But when the mysteries of this place finally begin to unravel around them, they come face-to-face with knowledge that seems impossible and a stark realization that this moon may be more than what it seems.

With the final revelations of what this moon is and why it’s empty finally coming to light, they find themselves cornered into a frightening confrontation where the resulting final outcome can only end one way….in certain death.

Meet the characters of New Home.

Mike Abernathy - New Home character card
Gwen Little - New Home character card